Is it worth selling your website or blog?

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There are many ways to monetize your existing website or blog. For example, you can offer affiliate marketing, sell ad space, or even set up a membership site. The only problem is that none of these options are particularly attractive.

Instead, consider selling your website or blog directly. This option is much easier and less risky than starting from scratch. Plus, you don't have to worry about finding advertisers or paying for hosting.

The truth is:

Making money with a website the traditional way isn't easy anymore – it's a tough business because there's a lot of competition!

It's much easier to create a website, fill it with the initial content and then put a sales tag on it! The reason for this is that it is extremely difficult to "launch" a website.

Most website, blog, or store projects fail because the owners realize at the launch stage that it takes a lot more time, money, and effort to get the project off the ground than they previously thought.

So you start a website, and already you have a valuable property in your hand that you can sell. Depending on the subject, there will always be someone who wants to skip the start up phase and simply buy an existing website.

Meanwhile, there are more and more website creators who make their money not by advertising but directly by selling the website itself, and it works quite easily:

  1. Buy a cheap web hosting with domain, Bluehost is my recommendation.
  2. Install the free WordPress software on it.
  3. Create the basic pages like about us, contact, etc.
  4. Create 10 - 20 content related to the topic of the website.
  5. Start an auction on eBay where you put the website up for sale at a minimum price of $500.

If the website is not bought within a few weeks, reduce the minimum price by 50-100 bucks and extend the auction. You will hardly find an easier business model than creating and selling websites.

The older the website is and the more visitors it already has, the higher you can set the price. From 50 visitors per day, the website is easily worth $1,000!

Vitali Lutz

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