Advertising Declaration and Promotional Materials

This advertising statement describes how advertising is used on Askqua and what visitors should be aware of. It explains which advertising media are used, how they can be recognized as advertising and how data protection is handled.

Advertising media and formats

Askqua is financed by advertising and can be used without any restrictions even if an ad blocker is used.

The following advertising media (formats) are used on this website:

  • Promotional banners – graphic advertising materials that can appear on individual pages in the content and anywhere on the website.
  • Affiliate links – links that, when clicked, lead to a product provider and, upon purchase or other action by the user, allow us to earn a commission.

Promotional banners have the label "Advertisement" or "Ad". All types of advertising links are marked with an asterisk (*).

Affiliate Links

Links marked with an asterisk (*) are called affiliate links. If you click on one of these affiliate links and buy something, the author of the particular page will get a commission from the respective online retailer or provider. The price does not change for you.


Askqua does not collect or store any information about the user's interests when delivering and displaying the advertising material. However, we have no influence on how the advertiser handles the user's data once the user is directed to the provider via an advertising link.

How data protection is generally handled on this website can be read in the privacy policy.


As a rule, we do not use personalization in advertising, unless the personalization of advertising is practiced by a third party advertising provider whose advertising material we embed in our website and we have no knowledge of the personalization.

We ourselves do not use any technologies to track a user through the Internet with the aim of achieving maximum advertising effect. Neither do we support this practice nor do we participate in measures to enable personalized advertising.

We expressly distance ourselves from website and server networks whose goal is to track a user through the Internet in order to create an interest profile.

Booking advertising on Askqua

If interested in booking advertising on Askqua, a written request via contact form is required when specifying the desired advertising format and the period when the advertising should be placed. Advertising costs can be agreed upon.

We reserve the right to refuse advertising that does not meet our quality guidelines.

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