About Askqua

The competent knowledge platform

Askqua is a platform that answers important questions competently and to the point. Unlike other community platforms, where it's all about questions and answers and the answers come from the "users" themselves, at Askqua every question is answered by a qualified author. Only our own authors have the opportunity to publish content on Askqua.

Why does Askqua exist?

While there are many other websites dedicated to answering questions, they have the problem that the content (answers) can be created by any "user", which leads to some major problems:

  1. Disinformation – since anyone can create content, this open policy leads to the problem that there is a lot of misinformation and disinformation on the platform. There is no verification that the person responding is even qualified to answer a question.
  2. Incompleteness – often questions are answered incompletely or insufficiently, so that the reader does not get the complete answer to his question. Completeness is taken very seriously at Askqua.
  3. Self-promotion – quite a few users use the platform for their own purposes and not primarily to help other users. This leads to inferior and often extremely advertising-enriched content.

This is precisely why Askqua places great emphasis on content quality while adhering to strict guidelines for value-added content. This is only possible if the questions are answered by qualified authors. This is the only way to create a consistent and high-quality source of information that can be used as a good research basis for answering a wide range of questions.

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