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With WordPress it is very easy and convenient to create and manage websites compared to many alternatives. There are two versions of WordPress:

  1. – this is the commercial version of WordPress. This is a paid service, which is paid monthly. The website and all its data are located on rented servers. You rent the technical base for the website.
  2. – here you can download the WordPress program (PHP script) for free and install it on your own web hosting. So you bring the whole technical base yourself.

The two versions differ in that is a complete managed WordPress service that costs money monthly, and is a website where you can download WordPress for free and install it on your own webhosting.

To use WordPress for free, you need your own web hosting, which is a rented space on a server that is connected to the Internet. A good, reliable and cheap web host is Bluehost. I use this provider for some projects and am a satisfied customer.

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