How to create a website for free and without advertising?

Vitali Lutz
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Most free providers for a website created for free finance themselves through advertising. As soon as a page is loaded, they display the advertisement in the content or somewhere outside.

This is not only annoying, but also doesn't look very professional.

The solution is quite simple: create a website that does not display ads:

  • – there are thousands of professional designs here and no forced ads are displayed. Besides, you can always upgrade the plan and get more features.
  • – this is a classic website builder with all the features you need for your website. Here, too, there are no ads on the page, which unnecessarily take up space and disturb the design.
  • Google Sites – also with Google you can create a professional website for free. I can particularly highlight Google's user-friendly, feature-rich site builder.

With the providers from above, a website can be created with a click and without advertising. The result can be seen and there is always the possibility to move the website later to your own domain, if you are ready.

If you want to start optimally from the beginning, it is better to go straight to a professional web hosting, which costs less than per month and offers all the freedom you can imagine, for this I can highly recommend Bluehost.

Vitali Lutz

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