Can a Linux operating system be used for gaming?

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Linux is widely considered to be a very powerful operating system and is therefore often used in server environments. Some game designers have recently started using it for their games. But how effective is it actually for gaming?

Linus Torvalds is considered the original developer of Linux and the Linux kernel. It currently has more users than any other open source software.

A Linux operating system can definitely be used for gaming. The only problem is that it requires high-end hardware because Linux often has to emulate Windows software.

To best test whether gaming is possible with your Linux PC, simply do the following:

  1. Install the Steam client on your Linux PC. This is a program from Valve that lets you buy and play games on the Steam platform. The program is available out of the box for all popular Linux distributions.
  2. After installation, log into the Steam program and click "Settings" in the menu at the top.
  3. Switch to the "Steam Play" tab and activate the "Proton Experimental" function.
    Now you can play all the games available in your Steam library on Linux.

In my last test, I found that half of the games developed for Windows also ran on Linux, but that required the Steam app, which emulates a Windows environment.

The emulation consumes significantly more computer resources than if the games were played on a native Windows PC. For this reason, games that run on Linux have to sacrifice some FPS (frames per second).

There are also native games for Linux, both on Steam and in the Linux repositories. These games usually run smoothly and without bugs. However, as a Linux gamer, you'll have to get used to the fact that you often can't play the new titles right away.

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