Are Windows games compatible with Linux?

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Windows games are usually not compatible with Linux because they use technologies and utilities that are only available on Windows. These components cannot be retrofitted to Linux for technical and licensing reasons.

A good example is DirectX.

DirectX is a collection of programming interfaces used by the Xbox game console and other Windows platforms for multimedia-intensive applications. The DirectX collection of software components covers the entire multimedia field.

It is impossible to use DirectX on Linux not only for licensing reasons but also because it is too closely tied to the Windows system.

Windows emulation is the only way to play Windows games under Linux. This involves setting up a software emulation on Linux that includes a Windows system with all the programs and technologies needed for a game.

A Windows game can be installed in this emulated environment because the game assumes that it is installed on a Windows system. This is exactly the goal of emulation: to make the game think that it is running on a Windows system.

Under Linux, this kind of emulation is made possible by Wine. With it, Windows environments can be created that are suitable for installing software that is intended for Windows. Many games can also be installed without problems.

Unfortunately, despite the emulation, not all programs and games can be used. It is extremely difficult to keep up with the development of Windows and the introduction of new technologies. For this reason, the best games for emulation on Linux are those that are already a few years old.

The easiest way to use emulation on Linux is to install Valve's Steam client and enable "Proton" in the settings. After that, many games in the library that are made for Windows can also be played on Linux.

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