Is Windows better for gaming than Linux?

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Windows has become synonymous with computer games. Is it really worth paying for a license to play Windows games? There are many free alternatives to Windows, including Linux.

There are several reasons why Windows dominates the computer gaming market so much. The most important reason is that most games are developed and optimized for Windows. Gamers see this and stick with Windows to play their games optimally, although Linux would be no worse than Windows for gaming if the games "supported" Linux.

There is no question whether Windows or Linux is better for gaming: Windows is the clear winner!

The entire gaming market is structured to direct development resources to where there are the most potential customers and buyers. Windows has a market share of over 90%, while Linux has barely 1%.

What game developer would spend millions of dollars to serve a tiny market share among gaming platforms? So it's all about money and a big financial risk.

Games usually run better on the platform they are optimized for, whether it is Windows, Linux, Android, or PlayStation.

However, it should be clear that Linux is also ideal for games.

There are now drivers for AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards that run very smoothly and efficiently on Linux.

Linux has optimal support for Windows hardware and can therefore achieve similar performance to Windows in games.

There is also Steam for Linux, which has taken gaming on Linux to a new level.

If you want to test it, you can install Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, or Fedora) on a second hard drive and see how well the games run. If all drivers are installed and Steam is running with "Proton" enabled, many games that run on Windows can also be played on Linux through simulation.

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