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Affiliness is a complete solution for building an affiliate business on the internet. It includes online courses that explain affiliate marketing in detail and all the steps to getting your first commission. To get the most out of Affiliates, members have access to insider content, professional tools and a large affiliate community.

Currently, the Affiliness success program includes 6 online courses:

  1. Learn affiliate marketing
  2. Find the perfect niche
  3. Find lucrative products
  4. Sell successfully on the Internet
  5. Gain traffic and customers on the internet
  6. Landing pages

The courses should be gone through in order, as they build on each other. The goal of the courses is to teach participants how to build their own profitable affiliate business on the internet.

In addition to the online courses, Affiliness offers professional tools to make the work of an affiliate and online marketer easier. These include a keyword tool to find thousands of keyword ideas, a private domain check, an AI-based text paraphraser, link trackers to shorten and track links, and much more.

A major strength of Affiliness is its community. This is a kind of forum for Affiliness members. Here, members can exchange ideas and support each other in their projects. The goal of the community is to unite the knowledge of as many members as possible and make it available to everyone.

Vitali Lutz

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