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There are numerous platforms that you can use to earn money. It is important to distinguish that there are two types of platforms:

  1. Third-party platform: This is a platform owned by someone else, for example, Google, eBay, or YouTube. Twitch, Twitter.
  2. Owned platform: This is your own platform that you run with the intention of making money from it. It can be a website, a mobile app, or an online store where you offer products.

If you want to get started quickly, you use someone else's platform. The advantage is that the platform is already up and running, has daily users, and can be used productively to earn money.

All beginners who are wondering how to make money on the Internet should first "learn" how to earn money using someone else's platform, because it's very difficult to build your own platform, let alone succeed – it's really hard work!

At most, the pros use other platforms to strengthen an existing one. For example, a website owner creates an account on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to use the platforms for additional visitors. The most important platform, however, is and always will be your own, in this case your website.

It is easy to start your own platform, but getting it to the point where it is profitable can take a lot of time and be very costly.

When it comes to maximizing profits, it's important to know that you can make significantly more money with your own platform than with someone else's because you have all the levers in your hands and can use them.

For example, if you want to make money with YouTube, you're not alone in this idea. Millions of other people are trying to do just that every day. The competition is fierce, and you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd to get visible and earn money through advertising or sponsors.

With your own platform, it can even be easier to make money because you are the only one on it. Plus, you're not competing with anyone on the platform – whoever uses it is all yours.

If you look at the trends, you will find that you make the most money with the platform that is popular and trending at the moment.

  • YouTube: This video platform has been booming for years and has countless millions of daily active users. This is because Internet users like to consume video content instead of reading, which definitely has something to do with the increasing degradation of people by the media.
  • TikTok: This platform is used to publish short videos. Again, you can't miss the fact that video content is the reason why this platform is good for making money.
  • Freelancing: Most of the money is earned from services on the Internet as well, just like in real life. You sell your knowledge or skills to others and get money for each job completed. I would recommend starting with freelancing.
  • Affiliate: This is a sales model but can also be seen as a platform. You promote others' products and get a commission for each sale. If you want to learn how to do this right, check out Affiliness.
  • E-Commerce: You'll make the big money selling products on eBay, Amazon, and the like. More and more people buy products on the Internet. If you sell products on big platforms, you can build up a high income very quickly.

The above-mentioned platforms work today and will still work in 10 years. You have to choose a platform and really master it to earn the most money with it.

Vitali Lutz

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