What are the health benefits of the potato?

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Like tomatoes and eggplants, potatoes belong to the nightshade family. However, the fruits of the plant are often poisonous, so only the tubers are consumed. There are about a hundred different varieties of potatoes, and this versatile tuber serves a variety of purposes, including food, feed, processing and starch production.

There is something special about potatoes that is good for the human body. Incorporate potatoes into your regular diet to:

  • get rid of excess fluids and salts;
  • boost your metabolism;
  • relieve acute gastritis symptoms;
  • lower the acidity of the stomach;
  • slow down the progression of stomach ulcers;
  • lower cholesterol levels;
  • increase hemoglobin levels and saturate the body with nutrients that help fight fatigue;
  • it also has a positive effect on the physical attractiveness of women.

But the potato is one of the most debated foods of all. Too much emphasis is put on the negative effects of potato on the body. But in fact, properly prepared potatoes have no negative effects on body composition and can even have positive effects.

Despite the alleged health benefits of the miracle tuber, there are also some disadvantages to eating potatoes. However, in most cases, the health risks are hardly worth mentioning.

If there are no personal contraindications, the most important criterion is to consume the recommended daily amount, which is about 300 grams per day. Excessive amounts can increase body weight and lead to unfavorable health effects.

It is unsafe to consume the potato when the skin has turned green. This means that the solanine content of the tuber is too high, which can be harmful to human health due to the toxicity of the substance solanine.

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