How much money can you earn with the Amazon affiliate program?

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Amazon's affiliate program is lucrative, every affiliate knows that, because Amazon is a strong brand and enjoys high trust among customers. Everyone knows Amazon and whoever clicks once on an affiliate link is only a few clicks away from placing an order.

So it's no wonder that Amazon is also very popular with affiliates to monetize the traffic of their own website. Amazon's affiliate program works quite simply. You embed Amazon ads into your website and wait for the commissions.

Now, what is the earnings with Amazon affiliate program?

To calculate the earnings, you first need to know how much Amazon pays for referring customers. To do this, take a look at the Associates Program Standard Commission Income Statement.

Amazon pays different commissions for different product categories. If you recommend Amazon games, you get 20% commission on all products in that category. If you recommend home appliances, you will get only 8% and less commission on the items.

So, earning with Amazon affiliate program depends largely on the category from which you want to recommend the products. If you want to see results quickly, you are on the right side with electronic products,

The compensation topic once discussed, it continues with the topic of potential customer acquisition. The more people click on Amazon's affiliate link, the higher the potential earnings.

If you send 1,000 potential customers to Amazon through your affiliate link, the revenue is higher than if you only send 100 prospects to Amazon the same way.

Since Amazon only accepts its own website as an advertising medium, you have to have a website to be able to earn money with Amazon at all. Also, the content must be of high quality and the website must not have any pure promotional items with no useful value for the visitor.

Let's take a look at how much money an affiliate can make with Amazon by doing a simple calculation:

Visitors to website: 1000
Click rate on promotional items: 10
Commission rate: 10
Conversion rate from Amazon: 35
Average product price: 
Revenue: 5

These are very proud earnings, which are very realistic. The important thing is that the number of potential customers is as high as possible and that as many people as possible click on the affiliate link and buy something from Amazon.

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