Can anyone make money on the Internet?

Vitali Lutz
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Even though the idea of earning money on the Internet sounds tempting, for many this idea is not as easy to realize as planned. The amount of work involved in the start-up phase of a successful business alone is significantly underestimated by many newcomers.

It is not enough:

  • to get over oneself and just get started,
  • to create a business plan,
  • sit down for weeks or months to implement or build something.

There are factors you can't control, including luck!

You wouldn't believe how many millionaires are walking around who, to put it bluntly, have more luck than brains. They were in the right market at the right time with the right idea - and became successful.

Will you be as lucky?

Your chances are <1%.

I don't want to discourage or dissuade anyone from trying to make money on the Internet themselves, which really sounds like a very exciting adventure. Possibly anyone really can make money on the Internet, but hardly anyone will be able to do it full-time - reality has no mercy here.

Starting an online project is relatively easy. Getting it to a point where it can earn its first money is much harder. But the really harder part is making money sustainably over the long term, and that's where many people fail.

To answer the question specifically, can anyone make money on the Internet, I would say yes, but...

  • There are no guarantees of success.
  • You will always have to rely on your luck to some degree.
  • There's always more competition, no matter how you want to make money.
  • If you're getting started today, you have to learn the craft from the beginning through online courses.
  • It always takes time, quite often years, before you are satisfied with your earnings and can live off them.

Should you try it too and use the internet as a source of income?

Why not? There is no harm in trying, but you should definitely start this project as a part-time business. There must already be an income from a job if you want to try to make money on the Internet, because there is always a dry spell that can take months or years before an online project takes off and bears fruit.

Vitali Lutz

About Vitali Lutz

Since 2007 I am interested in online marketing and online business. For more than 16 years I have also been interested in the technical aspects of the Internet and daily life. I am most fascinated by websites and digital products. Writing is my biggest hobby.

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