What are the alternative operating systems to Windows?

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It does not always have to be Windows. There are now many very good alternatives to Windows, which in many disciplines are even better than Windows, especially in terms of security.

You should try the following operating systems if you are looking for a good alternative to Windows:

  • ReactOS, the free operating system with the same name, claims to be binary compatible with Windows. Many Windows programs run smoothly on ReactOS. The interface is modeled after Windows 2000. The project is in the alpha phase but can be installed and tested.
  • Linux is not an operating system but a kernel, but many associate it with a Windows alternative. There are more than a hundred Linux operating systems for the desktop, and many of them can serve as Windows replacements. Especially the operating systems Fedora, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and OpenSuse are hot candidates.
  • MacOS is the operating system for Apple devices. Those who know the iPhone also know that Apple uses its own operating system on its devices. It's nicely polished and easy to use, but has the catch that you have to buy Apple hardware to use macOS.
  • Android x86Android for PC. Everyone knows Android as an operating system for cell phones. What is little known is that there is also a version for PCs. It is compatible with Android apps and can be used very well for everyday tasks.
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