Is assembling pens a serious homework?

Ulrich Nolte
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Even today, sporadic ads for assembling pens at home continue to appear. Hardworking employees have the chance to earn high salaries, with monthly incomes of up to $1,000 and more possible.

Of course, the question arises whether such a home-based job still makes sense for a company today and is important enough to pay a high price for it.

The fact is that most pens are produced in Asia because labor is cheaper there. Who would save money on production and then do the assembly, for example, in Germany, where there are minimum wages and compulsory insurance, and labor costs are significantly higher than in the East?

No one.

Unfortunately, assembling pens at home is more of a nice fairy tale than serious home work.

Assuming that the manufacturers of the components would not be better off investing once in machines that would make the assemble faster, more efficient, and cheaper from a long-term point of view is naive.

The question is: why are there such offers? It is about the data of the interested parties.

Those who respond to such offers show a high degree of desperation or naivety. There is usually a lot of money to be made from such people because you can make them offers that others would only smile at and refuse.

If you're looking for home-based work, you should pay very close attention to who the provider is, whether they've been on the market for a long time, and what their reputation is in the market. With Faber-Castell, assembling luxury writing instruments sounds like a serious offer, but you should be careful with unknown brands.

Ulrich Nolte

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