Is antivirus software safe, and can it be trusted?

David Hanke
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Antivirus software protects electronic devices from viruses and other threats. If you use a reliable solution, it will definitely help you be more secure.

Of course, there are many threats that require the use of antivirus software. There are many criminals who will do anything to steal users' data, infect their devices, or make them unusable and are sometimes very creative in doing so; a good antivirus solution can certainly help with this.

Since there is a lot of money to be made in the antivirus industry from spreading fear, the producers of such solutions cannot resist spreading malware themselves and then eliminating it with their own miracle solutions.

Clever, isn't it?

In my opinion, the entire antivirus industry is made up of vendors who put clever malicious code into programs and distribute them liberally over networks to make the competition look bad, so that their own product is portrayed as the ultimate and "best" solution.

I wouldn't trust any antivirus vendor!

When it comes to the security of a device, the first step is to ensure that the operating system, such as Windows, Android, Linux, macOS, etc., is equipped with effective on-board means against hacking, viruses, and other threats.

If the "standard protection" is not enough, you can look for an external solution. However, you should not expect miracles. All providers boil with the same water, and they all earn their money by scaremongering and skillfully spreading viruses, even if they deny these practices.

David Hanke

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